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The App


What does it do?

Helps you make charitable donations easily

The WeGive app makes it possible to donate in just three clicks.

Simply choose a charity, enter an amount and make your donation - it's as easy as that!

Donate to any registered charity or Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) in England & Wales. This includes your PTA, your Church, even subs for your child’s scout or guide group. 


All your favourite charities in one place -

your personal charity wallet


Browse for the causes close to your heart in the world's first charity wallet.


All the charities and information on charitable causes in one easy-to-use app. Keep up to date about current issues, find charities near you and support local causes. Find your favourite charities and keep up to date with what's going on in the charitable world. 

Our Promise

WeGive is a social enterprise aiming to revolutionise the charitable giving sector using first-class technology. 


How it works


WeGive is the simplest donation platform out there. There is no need to download us from the app store, simply visit and you're ready to donate.

Scan, donate, share

We have created QR code to make giving easier than ever. Simply point your open camera at a WeGive QR code. You will be taken directly to the charity page with an amount inputted, where you can input your details (or simply sign into our account) and donate. Share this donation with your friends and family and pass on the QR code to others!

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Browse, learn, donate

You can give to your favourite charity in three simple steps. Browse charities on our home page to find your chosen charity. You will see recommended charities, trending charities and have the ability to favourite charities. Then, donate to your selected charity by inputting a few key details. Hit donate and send money to your charity. You can then share your donation with others on social media and encourage your friends and family to donate with WeGive too!


See how to request your own QR code below!

Search for your charity- it's easy to add if you can't find it!

Use the search bar on our home page to search for the charity of your choice. WeGive is currently home to 18,000 charities and we are always adding more. If you cannot find your favourite charity on our app, simply ask us to add it. We aim to be THE donation platform for every UK charity, big or small.

How it works
For Charity

For Charity


QR Code Fundraising


We’ve all become used to QR Codes over the last year. We offer this option if you have a physical location you want to use to raise funds.


Supporters scan with their phone cameras and are taken straight to your donation page. Rather than registering for ‘test & trace’ they can be supporting your cause - a great use of technology to give your charity a boost.


If you are interested, please contact us at:

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FlashMob Fundraising

Fundraising couldn’t be simpler with WeGive. Just go to your charity page, make a donation (our research shows this acts as a trigger for others to do likewise) then share this Act of Giving with any and all of your social media and email contacts. Urge them to give right now with a short message saying what the funds are for.

The results can be surprising...and fast. Encourage your supporters to forward onto their friends and you can reach thousands of people in hours, particularly if someone with a stack of followers gets involved.


NB: WeGive uses Charities Trust to process your donations and to reclaim Gift Aid if eligible. Donors do not need to register with WeGive to donate although we do ask for some details to reclaim this Gift Aid. If donors register later, we will remember these donations as part of their tax record.

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Ask us to create a QR code!

  • What is the WeGive App and why should I use it?
    The WeGive App is an application you can download onto your phone to make giving money to charity easier. WeGive Classic was designed during the coronavirus crisis of 2020, a time when the charitable sector took a huge hit in Cashless society People wanting to give money but unable to Primary function is to make charitable giving easier.
  • How do I know my money is being donated safely and securely?
    WeGive use Charities Trust, one of the most respected charity payment providers in the UK. You can find more information about them at Something about where data is stored?
  • How much does WeGive take from my donation?
    WeGive takes less per transaction than any other donation platform.
  • I'm from a charity, how do I use WeGive?"
    Register your organisation with Charities Trust - we use them as our payment partner and they automatically reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf once you have received approval from HMRC. To register with HMRC you’ll need your charity’s: bank account details and financial accounts officials’ details, including dates of birth and National Insurance numbers registration number if you’ve registered your charity with a regulator charitable objectives (sometimes called purposes) governing document (sometimes called a rulebook) - this explains how your charity is run Once you have this information, go to the link below: and input this information. In addition, register your group with Charities Trust - we will probably be using them as our payment partner and they will automatically reclaim Gift Aid on your behalf once you have received approval from HMRC.
  • What is Gift Aid and should I claim it?
    Donating through Gift Aid means charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra. ​ Most higher rate taxpayers are unaware of the sums remaining unclaimed or even that they can reclaim additional sums. Even if higher rate taxpayers do reclaim their higher rate relief, the connection to charitable giving is broken. Moreover, many transactions that are charitable in nature for tax purposes remain unnoticed or unlogged. Many tickets to venues such as the Tate or Regents Park Zoo are Gift Aid-able and therefore qualify for higher rate tax; regular church-goers will notice they are asked to tick a box on the back of their envelope so the church can reclaim Gift Aid; scout groups and community amateur sports clubs can claim for membership fees. Not many reclaim any higher rate tax due to them and potentially available for donation. Find out more at:
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