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About Us


Who are we?

WeGive Ventures is a social enterprise that aims to maximise charitable giving. No matter how large or small your donation, our app ensures that donations can be made easily to those charities who need it the most.



COVID-19 has changed the face of giving, with the number of donors making cash donations declining rapidly over the last year.

WeGive decided we should do something about it.


We decided to make the first charity wallet so donating to any charity in the UK is quick, easy and mobile.

Our Mission


Our mission is to make donating as easy as possible to have the biggest impact on charitable giving in a generation.


Technological improvements in the charity sector have been inadequate. At WeGive Ventures, we believe that the charity sector can be revolutionized.

Use your phone to give money to the causes you care about at this time of need. 

Meet the team

David Brocklebank


Focussed on how the private and social sector can work together for greater efficiencies. How do we create a level playing field for tax efficient giving no matter how large or small the donation or the recipient in the UK and beyond?


Owain McGuire


A technology evangelist specialising in enterprise-class integration and transaction processing systems, belies his business acumen. He has years of experience in channel sales and technology strategy and is energised by the opportunity to help charities


Shaun Blake


A proven leader with 20+ years’ experience across Financial Services and Consulting. Since 2013, an active entrepreneur involved internationally in several start-ups. Always looking to apply modern solutions to solve old problems

Meet The Team

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