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The Issue


How we give to charity is changing. 

Gone are the days of throwing a few coins into the collection bucket.

The number of donors making cash donations – usually the country’s most popular way of giving – saw a substantial drop off between March (34%) and April (13%) and remains at very low
levels compared to previous years (CAF, 2020) due to the pandemic. 


Giving needs to be mobile and instant.

WeGive is the way forward.


Our easy-to-use app, WeGive, makes donating to charity easier than ever. 

For the first time ever, you can find any charity in the UK on one platform - our charity wallet. Browse the UK's charities, see trending charities, find charities near you and receive recommended charities.

Select your favourite charity, choose an amount and enter your credit/debit card details. Then share your donation with your nearest and dearest! You can create an account for next time so we remember your information to make it even easier.

Take control of who you give your money to.

Get WeGive and start giving today.

Our Solution

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