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The idea

How we give to charity is changing. Gone are the days of throwing a few coins or notes into a collection bucket- accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic which has rendered society nearly cashless.


As a result, charities have suffered majorly during this crisis, with existing donation platforms doing too little to ensure that people continue to give to charity.


It is estimated that the charity sector will miss out on £4.3 billion of income over a 12 week period - meaning many of the essential services they supply are not reaching the people who need them most.

This is a major problem. One which WeGive will tackle head-on.

Our easy-to-use app, WeGive, makes donating to charity easier than ever. 

Sign up, choose a charity and give! It really is that simple.

For the first time ever, you will find all the charities in the UK in one app - our charity wallet. Browse the UK's charities, see trending charities, find charities near you and be recommended charities to give to.

Take control of who you give your money to.

Get WeGive and start giving today.

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